The New Adventure

When people ask me what are you up to these days?  I say, we’re packing, sorting, taking a few things to storage and packing the RV and getting ready to take to the road on our new adventure…

The different responses have been interesting from WOW that is exciting, to really why would you want to do that.

This Thursday we are turning the keys of our home over to the Estate Sale Company that will be handling our estate sale. We are pretty much selling off 95% of everything we own and they want us out of the house to set everything up.

Mike and I with our dog and cat will be staying in our RV while they are setting up for the big sale, which is the 11th and 12th of June.

After the sale we will come back into the house for the cleanup and getting her, the house, looking all wonderful for the walk through by the new owners (yes we sold the house) on the 15th.  The house closes on the 17th.

The new owners are renting us back the house until July 6th which is wonderful because our daughter will be getting married on June 26th… YES, through all of this we have the wedding.

So we’re back into the house on the 14th to clean up and also to set up for family to come in town for the wedding.  Since everything will be gone we will be using blow up beds, folding tables and chairs… Sure glad the family is being very understanding.

WOW… When I say it out loud and write it out I have to take a big breath and calm myself down because the emotional roller coaster can really take me for a ride.

Mike and I both are really starting to go into the” BUT WHAT IF’s” mode as we are going through the final things in the house in preparation for it all…

Remember the Steve Martin movie; I think it was called The Jerk, where he walks around the house saying all I need is this chair and this lamp? That is what it is starting to feel like.

Mike will say; BUT what if we need this (holding up some kind of tool) and then I do it with; BUT what if I need this (holding up something that has to do with my painting stuff, cooking or work)

I know in my head that the “BUT WHAT IF’S” will do two things… One, have us question if we REALLY will need it, also I know that the “BUT WHAT IF’S” can keep us from what is possible!

I am reminding myself that “AND if” I really need it I can pick it up somewhere out there on the road where ever we are.  BUT I tell ya, it is NOT easy when I am on the emotional roller coaster.

Knowing our WHY we want to do this is keeping us going through the up’s and down’s.

Mike and I are truly at the Edge Of Change and believe me we are getting to remind each other to use every tool we have in our tool belt…

It is all good and it reminds me that when we learn new things, regardless of what they are, it is hypothetical until we get to apply the learning and then it truly can become knowledge .

As our new journey in life unfolds and takes place you will be hearing more and more about what is happening in hopes to share on a deeper and more meaningfully connection to ourselves, to each other and to you.

A New Beginning

A New Beginning

With change comes leaving behind the old and stepping into a new beginning. An ending is what makes the beginning possible. After all, that is the order of things isn’t it?

Leaves change and fall from the trees in the autumn only to reemerge in the spring. One day everything seems to be falling apart; and the next day, life goes on as usual. Every change has an ending that prepares us for new growth, new activities, and new beginnings.

New beginnings are like new energy released in a new direction. You will notice that you are making new beginnings in your life when you:

*Spend more energy on the future than the past or even the present.
*Shift your focus to something new and your productivity increases in that area.
*Feel your morale increasing as you look forward to something new.

There is a rhythm to the whole process of your old identity being renewed into a new identity and purpose. And when we are ready to make a new beginning, opportunity will be waiting for us.

Begin somewhere; you cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do. -Liz Smith

YAY to New Beginnings!

To your success and happiness,