Courage is the First Step to Change

Happy first day of Spring… I do love Spring time. I can see it all around me, the trees are blooming, flowers in all their glory, I can even smell the freshness in the air. There is proof that things are changing, new beginnings, life.

Imagine bringing the feeling of Spring into your life, the change, new beginnings, freshness, what would it take? What would be better?

Here are some thoughts of what it takes:

Courage is the First Step to Change

The initial step required for any bold action or idea is courage, because without it, nothing else can happen, especially not anything new, daring, different, contrary, challenging, or innovative. The root of the word courage is cor, the Latin word for heart.  Courage originally meant “to speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.” It takes courage to come up with a new idea and state, champion, and implement it. It takes courage to say that we disagree with a decision, policy, or strategy. It takes courage to speak out, risk the criticisms of others, and be different.

Courage is being brave enough to reach beyond the boundaries created by our existing, often deeply held, limitations, fears, and beliefs. If people do not claim what they want, they become victims of what they don’t want.

Initiating change of any kind is possible when we are courageous enough to take the necessary action. Making positive change takes courage, loving oneself and loving what we do. Every time we are courageous, we make those around us a little braver, too.

You may not have Control, however you do have Power.

Power is making a difference in our life, and the life of others, one person or many people who come across your path. As a Leader, you have this power in small and great ways every day.  A key reason to be courageous is that your perspective makes a difference. Real power does not come from the control you wish you had, it is from the ability to make present-moment choices from your own heart’s deepest truths.

Making Your Unique Contribution

The day-to-day challenges you face and overcome support you in recognizing who you truly are and what you want. You are a unique individual with a unique role to play in the transformation of Leadership and its impact. Your perspective and gifts are needed. You may not fully know or have logical awareness of what your gifts are. And in your heart, something deep inside you knows who you are.  Perfection is not required.

By you being yourself, by bringing something no one else can do exactly like you can, you make a difference. Your quirky self, confused self, and self that does not know the answers are a part of the solution. Your unique sense of humor, unique way of loving, working, and being in relationship also are parts of the solution.

You have choice in how to respond to day-to-day problems. To bring more of your unique contribution into your everyday choices, do the following things:

  • Ask what is true for you at the present time.
  • Set a foundation of what is most important to you.
  • Notice what you think, feel, and believe.
  • Observe where your choices really come from.
  • Change your mind, which is the prerogative of men and women.
  • Align with the reality you want to create.
  • Take Action

What I hope to contribute to you during this month of new beginnings is that you see that you are already enough. The question I invite you to consider is:

What shifts and opportunities might be possible, as I live more fully from my heart?

Below share your thougths and Ideas…

To your success and happiness,