We are finishing this year and starting a new one. Instead of just moving from one year to the next without any thought, I invite you to “consciously” become involved in the process. This means looking back on 2012 and celebrating the things you are grateful for, and planning what you want to bring into your business and your life in 2013. Begin by looking at what you have, what you have accomplished, and the positive changes that occurred for you during this past year. Below are some questions to help you get started.

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Reflecting on 2012:

  • What three things am I most grateful for in 2012?
  • What did I do right in 2012 for this to happen?
  • What have I accomplished, achieved, or learned in 2012 to make me a more conscious and healthy person?
  • What were some things that didn’t work out as planned in 2012, and what did I learn from those situations?
  • Who were the people who helped, supported or encouraged me in 2012? What people did I help, support, and encourage in 2012?

Now take some time to get excited about the dreams and goals you have for 2013:

    • What do I need to let go of? Are there some broken promises, hurts, or disappointments I am holding onto that, if gone, would create some space for new and better people or things to enter my life?
    • What three things am I COMMITTED to doing differently and/or better in the year 2013?
    • Who do I know who may be able to help me on my journey?


  • How can I help others?
  • What project or projects will I take on AND COMPLETE in the year 2013 to make the world a little bit better? What will the outcomes look like, and what are the milestones that will help me make them happen?
  • What boundaries must I establish so that I am most effective and fulfilled?
  • What toxic relationships or situations in my life will I refuse to tolerate in the coming year?
  • What goals do I want to set to create positive relationships in my life? (Have the term relationships include all of the people, places and things you regularly interact with; examples include relationships with people such as a spouse, or your relationship to your career).
  • How will I nurture my body and my spirit in 2013?
  • What are three adjectives that will describe how I feel when I achieve the above goals? (i.e. valued, unstoppable, integrated)

Download a printable copy here.



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