Corinne McElroy

"Edge of Change is about bringing balance to our world through businesses that are making a positive difference for ALL stakeholders.
The old ways of doing business has to change. It is painful and killing us on many levels.
We need community, we need credibility, we need to stand up and be aware to be part of the solutions.


Individual Coaching

Individualized coaching for business owners, executives, and emerging leaders
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Team Coaching and Training

Align your teams through a coaching process that connects the team to the larger dream and mission while increasing effectiveness.

Leadership Training Events

Customized classes for teams and businesses that improve business communication, processes, and leadership effectiveness.

Tools and Resources

Check out our free library of tools and resources to get started on your leadership growth journey right away.

Our Vision
Edge Of Change is a well-respected, knowledgeable leadership training and coaching business that provides valuable sought after services for business owners, business leaders and their teams that are focused on personal and professional growth.

Our Mission
Edge Of Change provides kickass leadership training and coaching with courage and enthusiasm that empowers business owners, business leaders and their teams to have the extraordinary companies and personal lives of their dreams.

What We Do
We partner with conscious leaders to create an environment that is positive and productive through custom-designed training and coaching.

Our Core Values
Possibilities - Being open to unlimited potential
Relationships - Creating and nurturing positive partnerships
Diversity - Valuing and respecting the differences in the world
Strength - Taking a stand for ourselves and others
Heart - The foundation of positive intentions