Coaching Programs for All Leaders


Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

As a business owner and entrepreneur myself, I empathize with the challenge of balancing roles and responsibilities while growing your business. Coaching for business owners and entrepreneurs focuses on discovering your dream business and lifestyle, your mission and core values, and creating action steps that will lead to your vision becoming your everyday reality. Imagine - enjoying running your business everyday!



They say it's lonely at the top, and it is - unless you hire a coach. Many executives I work with come to me feeling chained to their desk, unable to create a sustainable balance between the demands of work and the pressures of home. As your coach, I will guide you through the process of creating productive teams that work toward a common goal, successful time management that puts your priorities first, and leadership skills that will inspire your team and business to accomplish more and communicate more effectively.


Team Coaching

Our Team Coaching programs have been designed to align and strengthen teams within the workplace. Many of the "teams" or departments in organizations function as individuals working at cross-purposes. Unhealthy competition, poor communication, and gossip sabotage teams and the companies they work for. Although this environment is so common that it may be thought of as universal, it can be overcome through skilled coaching and a commitment to creating a positive business culture.


Emerging Leaders

The goal of coaching emerging leaders now is to help them become more effective in leading those around them, and preparing them for the challenges of leadership that lie ahead. During the coaching process we partner with emerging leaders to understand and enhance their leadership strengths. We also work on developing communication styles, understanding how personal core values are reflected in their position, and how to motivate others to become leaders themselves.