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Corinne McElroy
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Individual Coaching

Individualized coaching for business owners, executives, and emerging leaders

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Team Coaching and Training

Align your teams through a coaching process that connects the team to the larger dream and mission while increasing effectiveness.

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Leadership Training Events

Customized classes for teams and businesses that improve business communication, processes, and leadership effectiveness.

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Tools and Resources

Check out our free library of tools and resources to get started on your leadership growth journey right away.

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Latest Posts

  • Tips That Can Help You Tune In
    Tips That Can Help You Tune In
    Emotional intelligence is like rapport. With emotional intelligence you are able to tune in to the behavior and emotions of others and make adjustments so the relationship flows. You see it when teams work well together.  They move in sync, in rhythm. For some, this comes...
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  • The Impact of Assumptions on Leadership
    The Impact of Assumptions on Leadership
    The Impact of Assumptions on Leadership We all make assumptions. We naturally fill in gaps in what we think and perceive so that we can make sense out of our world and our experiences. Sometimes the assumptions we make are accurate; sometimes they are inaccurate. Sometimes...
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  • The New Adventure
    The New Adventure
    When people ask me what are you up to these days?  I say, we’re packing, sorting, taking a few things to storage and packing the RV and getting ready to take to the road on our new adventure… The different responses have been interesting from WOW...
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